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If you are found not guilty, the case is dismissed, and the charges are dropped. If you are guilty, the penalties will be imposed according to the laws of the State of Idaho. While none of us want to be charged with a DUI, we may have certain preconceived notions about the entire process and the charges. These notions may result in us being careless or reckless and not taking the possible consequences of drinking and driving seriously. These misconceptions include:. Do not assume that just because your BAC level is under 0.

The state still has the right to charge and convict you if they can prove definitively that you were driving while impaired because of the amount of alcohol you consumed. Circumstances matter and so does the evaluation of the officer s when they first stop you. The reality is that even if driving under the influence of prescriptions is not officially classified as a crime if the State can prove that the drugs impaired your driving ability, they can charge you with a DUI.

Also, the state can argue that it was not necessary for you to drive after you had consumed those drugs. Your decision to do so may be a factor in your receiving a DUI. While there is no doubt that test results can be used against you at a later stage, the fact is that even if you refuse to cooperate, officers can still determine if you are drunk by evaluating other factors such as the way you were driving, the way you speak to them, the smell of alcohol, etc. Do not do it. This is not true, and you need to understand that this may happen in the movies, but rarely occurs in real life.

The Miranda warning that anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law is a clear indicator that you should ideally keep your mouth shut in such situations and contact a Boise, Idaho DUI lawyer instead. If you got drunk because you had a bad day at work or because you just broke up with somebody, just keep this information to yourself. You will only make matters worse for you and make your case more difficult for your DUI lawyer.

The fact is that a DUI charge is not a small thing. It is not like you get a parking ticket where you pay the fine and resume your life as if nothing happened. If you are convicted, a DUI can have serious consequences for you. You can lose your driving privileges for quite a while depending on the type of charge and the level of damage that occurred because of your drunken driving behavior.

There can be administrative fees as well as criminal charges. Your driving record will no longer be clean, and if there are criminal penalties, your criminal record will also not remain clean.

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A DUI conviction can affect your credibility and reputation with your current employer as well as have an impact on your future job prospects. If you lose driving privileges and also get jail time, do not think that it will all just go away without any effect on your personal and your professional life. If you have been charged with a DUI , the first thing you need to do is hire the services of a skilled Boise criminal defense lawyer.

Our DUI lawyer understands that a DUI charge can be very intimidating, but we are here to help you deal with the legal aspects of the situation. We have experienced DUI lawyers that want to help you get back on your feet, and we want to ensure that you have support throughout the process. It is situated between N 10th St and N 9th St. Continue onto I and in 3.

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36 DUI Defense Strategies That Work [Avoid DUI Conviction in Florida]

Turn right onto N 9th St and in 0. Trilogy Law Group will be on the right. Turn right and Trilogy Law Group will be on the left. Your BAC is 0.

If you have been arrested for a DUI, this is generally what you should expect will happen: After the arrest and possible bail, there will be an arraignment. If there is no deal, then the case will proceed to a jury trial.

Idaho Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor

Common Misconceptions about DUI While none of us want to be charged with a DUI, we may have certain preconceived notions about the entire process and the charges. Bays was previously out on bond for the trafficking and possession of methamphetamine which he intended to sell.

DUI Stop Options in Boise Idaho

He was subsequently found trying to sell 4 ounces of meth to an undercover agent. The arrest of Bays came about as…. Read More. The penalties are harsh and can often be a life-changing experience. The driver has been charged with aggravated DUI for hitting Kuna teen. The accident took place back in early September but the arrest was made now. The driver responsible for the accident is Joseph Jefferies, It happened again last week — a client faced the prospect of losing his driving privileges for a year from the Idaho Department of Transportation because he had refused a breathalyzer, and insisted officers conduct a blood test.

His test result was.

DUI Penalties in Boise, Idaho

There is also a civil penalty from IDOT and the cost of the test. Our only way out was to accept a one year suspension from both the court and the IDOT to run concurrent. There is this belief among some Idaho drivers that the blood draw will "prove" they did not have too much to drink before taking control. According to a prosecutor I spoke with the opposite seems more likely. Those former "refusals" are now turning into more "excessive" DUIs because the blood draw is more accurate and harder to defeat in court. Bottom line — insisting on that blood draw takes the uncertainty out of the result and if it is excessive, there is no room to argue that the machine has a margin of error that may create reasonable doubt.

The safest thing to do here is hail a cab. Your risk if you have been drinking is too much to drive. And if you are going to gamble, I would not suggest opting for the blood draw. The Breathalyzer has inherent risk — the machine itself is subject to error. To beat the blood draw you will likely have to show a contaminated sample or an inept analyst.

Neither is very likely. And when was the last time you got a result from a physician relating to blood and then rejected the result because of the inherent unreliability? I never once thought to object to his decision because the results might have been tainted.

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Jurors have experience with blood tests. You need medications or not. So jurors are hard pressed to reject the results. Not so with the breathalyzer — nobody except the cops who give it believes it is error-proof. Once again we see that our right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure finds too few friends in the United States Supreme Court.

What Constitutes a DUI in Idaho?

The issue in Navarette v. California , decided this week, was whether the fourth amendment requires an officer who receives an anonymous tip regarding a drunken or reckless driver to corroborate the claim of. In the past month we have finished two cases in which our clients were charged with driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and in both cases, prosecutors ultimately dismissed the charge of DUI and accepted pleas of guilty to inattentive driving.

Not a big deal? Oh yes it is. Inattentive driving does not carry the consequences of a DUI conviction, and the difference between the charges may save you thousands of dollars and time in jail. In a county just north of us, our client was charged with DUI as he headed home after dinner at a local restaurant and bar.

He admitted he had a couple drinks.

Ten Ways to Beat a DUI in Ontario

He had been stopped because he reportedly did not stop fully before exiting a private parking lot onto the street. In fact, the local cop had simply been parked nearby "fishing" for folks to stop coming out from the club. On video our client looked great. He spoke freely with the officers, did not slur his words, and passed the field sobriety tests — except, they said, the gaze nystagmus. Serious voodoo in that one!

Anyway — we called their bluff and got ready to try the case. The breathalyzer result was just over. So when he took the test, roughly 45 minutes after he was driving, it was going up. A smart prosecutor ultimately decided their case did not look good and he offered a plea to inattentive driving and a couple hundred dollar fine. In a county a ways east of us, a retired professor over-corrected on the highway, rolled his car, hit his head on the steering wheel, and had to be cut from his wrecked rig.

An officer at the scene told a supervisor that the driver had "seemed confused" when questioned. And then they found some prescription medication bottles in the car. Confusion plus pill bottles must mean driving under the influence — right? That was the charge. They had NO proof of any quantified amount of any drug. They had no expert to say that the pills affected the driving pattern.