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Headquarters Division. Additionally, members of the Warrants Unit track down and apprehend fugitives - one of the most dangerous law enforcement officer duties performed today. Please check back later for more information regarding our Transport Unit. Transport Unit. Please check back later for more information, or contact our Community Relations Unit during normal business hours.

Support Division. Major L. Deeann Cash, Director of Jail Operations. For bonding information, visit our " Bond Someone Out of Jail " page. Jail Watch Commanders. Jail Administration Services. Intent to Bond Form. Sentencing Clerk. Inmate Services Specialist. Forsyth County Most Wanted. Will I still receive a registered motor vehicle property tax bill from Forsyth County? The county will still be billing vehicle taxes for registrations made through August If you have not paid a tax bill that was due on or before December 1, — past due January 1, — you will continue to receive past due bills from the tax office to be paid to the Forsyth County Tax Office.

Who do I contact with questions concerning tax value and jurisdiction? The Forsyth County Tax Office will still handle value and taxing jurisdiction issues. Our phone number is Where do I file an appeal of value? Appeals must be submitted in writing within 30 days of the due date of your registration to the Forsyth County Tax Office, P.

Box , Winston-Salem, NC, Why am I receiving a Forsyth County tax bill after September, ? If your vehicle registration has an August expiration date or earlier, you will still receive a bill from Forsyth County which is to be paid to the county tax office. The last bills to be sent from the tax office will be due December 1, and past due January 1, Any past due county tax bills should also be paid to the county. What happens if I do not pay my Forsyth County vehicle tax bill?

Interest continues to accrue on past due bills. Collection remedies are still in force. The tax department can still block registrations, attach wages, bank accounts, and state income tax refunds. A past due bill can also be reported to the credit bureau. What if I receive a combined vehicle registration renewal and property tax notice for a vehicle that I no longer own and have transferred the plate to another vehicle?

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DMV will not automatically send a corrected notice. Ask the representative to issue you a notice on the vehicle you now have and you should receive it by mail within 5 to 10 days. Please note that interest will be charged on the taxes and registration fee if paid after the due date printed on your registration notice. What if I receive a combined tag and tax together notice for a vehicle and a plate that I no longer own?

The tax and registration fee are only due if you choose to renew your plate. If you no longer own the vehicle and have returned the plate to DMV or no longer wish to renew it, please disregard the notice. Where do I send my payment for the combined vehicle property tax and registration fee? Collections I received a tax bill on property I owned on January 1 but sold during the year. Under North Carolina General Statue , property taxes are billed annually in the name of the owner of record as of January 1. The property tax bill is mailed to you for this reason.

However, North Carolina Session Law relieves the seller of liability for property taxes assessed on real property when the seller transfers the property before the taxes become past due. This law authorizes the Tax Collector to enforce payment by all legal means against the owner of the property and any subsequent owner as of the date taxes become past due. I received a tax bill on property I purchased during the year. Do I owe the full amount? Usually, taxes are prorated at the time of the transfer of ownership. To determine if your taxes were prorated at the time of closing, please contact your realtor or closing attorney.

The best way to make sure there are no issues regarding unpaid taxes is to request that the taxes are paid upon the closing of the transaction. What are the different methods available to pay my tax bill? Credit card and e-check payments are accepted online. If paying by a credit card or a non-VISA debit card: the fee is 2. A drop box is available anytime, which is located next to the parking deck entrance. Yes, but keep in mind electronic payments are considered to be effective when the funds are received by the office of the Tax Collector, not when the payment is submitted online.

I paid my bill by e-check through the Tax Office's online system.

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Why doesn't my bill show as paid? My mortgage lender sent a letter stating my Property Taxes were paid but it is not showing paid when I contact Forsyth County or check the website. Usually, because the payments go through a process with a servicing agent. This process could take up to a month to be received by the tax office. The money is back in my account and I have received a past due bill with interest. Usually this happens when an incorrect account number is used.

This will result in a rejected payment. If your payment is rejected electronically, interest charges may accrue if the bill becomes past due. If you choose to use this payment method be sure the online bill payment program that you use will allow you to change the full account number. How does the Tax Office determine if a mailed payment is timely so no interest is added?

If I have a property in the foreclosure process and want to stop this process, how do I find out what the balance due is? Currently foreclosure are handled by an outside attorney. If you are wanting to stop the foreclosure process on a property all taxes, interest and fees must be paid. Please call our Customer Care Group at and ask to speak with a foreclosure liaison who can provide you with a balance due. Are phone calls ever recorded in the Tax Office?

Yes, calls by Revenue Collectors may be recorded and reviewed for quality assurance. Real Estate How do I appeal the value of my property? Do you have record of my purchase? Once Forsyth County tax records are updated, our website usually takes a few weeks to show updated ownership information. How often is the tax rate adjusted? The amount of property tax you pay is based upon the value of your property and the tax rate is determined by your local government annually. How often does Forsyth County assess property? NCGS The law also allows counties to reappraise more frequently at its discretion.

Forsyth County has generally performed reappraisals every four years since , which lessens the shift in values that occur over an eight year period. Why did my PIN Number change?

Forsyth County Recorder Information Georgia -

This usually occurs when a mapping change has been done to an existing real estate parcel. Listing What do I need to do to avoid being penalized? Faxed listings are accepted. Do I have to list my property? Real estate with no improvements made during the past year is automatically listed and is not penalized for failure to list timely.

What types of property are included as personal and should be listed? Unregistered vehicles or vehicles without a current tag as of January 1 should be listed. Other items that should be listed include manufactured homes, watercraft, horse tack and farm tractors. Please call the tax office at if you have a question regarding what property should be listed.

Do I have to list my dogs and cats? Please call if you would like more information. How do I list my property with the County tax office?


If you listed personal property in Forsyth County last year or own real estate as of January 1, you should receive a listing form in the mail on or before January 1. If you are listing for the first time or have not received your listing form in the mail you may call us at or visit the Tax office on the first floor of the Forsyth County Government Center at N. How do I remove personal property from my listing form that I sold or transferred during the previous year?

During the current listing period you may mark through the entry and explain what happened to the property: example; date sold, date junked, etc. If you need to report this after the current listing period is over, we will need a copy of a bill of sale indicating when the item was sold in order to consider an adjustment.

Do I still have to pay taxes for a full year on the personal property that I sold after January 1? Yes, you are taxed based on what property you owned on January 1. How do I appeal the value of my personal property? Owners of personal property and business personal property have 30 days from the date of their first notice or bill to appeal assessed value.

Frequently Asked Questions

Appeals should be submitted in writing to the Tax Assessor's Office and include the item's original purchase price, full description, condition and any other supporting documentation, if needed. No, once penalties on personal or real property bills have been paid, the ability of the governing board to consider or remove these penalties has come to and end. Business What is business personal property? Business personal property is movable property that is used in a trade or business.

This type of property is subject to property tax throughout North Carolina. If I close my business is the personal property still taxable? When a business ceases operation, the property remains taxable in Forsyth County unless it is converted into household personal property, moved out of Forsyth County or is sold or discarded. Household personal property is defined as property that could normally be found at a home.

Business personal property is taxable as of January 1 of each year.

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The taxpayer should complete the out of business section on the business personal property listing form and sign the document. In the out of business section, the taxpayer should indicate when the business closed and what happened to the assets. The taxpayer should also provide any other relevant information concerning the taxability of the assets in question.

The taxpayer should provide the name and address of the purchaser of the assets, if the assets were sold. If I receive a rejection letter about my original listing, do I make the corrections on this listing or do I need another listing form? Make the corrections on the listing form that was sent back to you.

A new listing form is not necessary. If the listing form is blank, do I need to complete Section B every year? Yes, total historical cost of the assets by the correct year of acquisition is required in Schedule B. If these cost numbers are not preprinted, you need to enter them on Schedule B. On Schedule B the numbers are preprinted.

Forsyth County, NC Real Estate Tax Assessments

Can I change them? Yes, if the preprinted numbers are not correct, you need to draw a line through the incorrect preprinted number and enter the correct number. What should I do? List them on a separate sheet of paper and include it with your listing form. List this cost on a separate sheet of paper and include it with your listing form. If you no longer have a professional library, please indicate the date it was disposed. The number of mobile homes I own has changed from last year.

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What do I need to do? You should include a list of the mobile homes owned as of January 1 of the year in question and provide all of the information requested in Schedule D. I have the same mobile homes that I had last year. Do I still need to list them? Yes, you are required by NCGS to list your mobile homes, as well as, any other personal property.

I do not own a business. Why do I have to list my airplane on a business form? The business personal property listing form is the only form in Forsyth County on which you can list airplanes. The fact that airplanes are often owned by businesses provides the theoretical basis for listing aircraft on a business personal property listing form.

I have some business personal property that I believe is exempt from property taxes. Do I still have to list the property? Yes, the business personal property needs to be listed. The Tax Deferment Specialist will make a determination relative to the validity of the exemption request. In the absence of a unique valuation notice, the tax bill services as notice of the value of business personal property. All business personal property appeals must be filed with the Tax Assessor, in writing, by September 1st of the year the bill was originally due. Reappraisal Why are you reappraising property?

What if I disagree with my appraised value? Can I Appeal the value of my real property online? What if I'm still not satisfied? May I talk with an appraiser in the Tax Office? Will the reappraisal affect my property value? How can I compare my property value to other properties? How will the reappraisal affect my tax bill? Foreclosures How do I acquire a list of properties and sale dates? The Tax Office does not maintain or provide a mailing list of these properties.

Surplus properties may be viewed on the Surplus Properties Page. May I purchase tax lien certificates from the Tax Collector's Office? North Carolina State law prohibits the selling of property tax liens. Where are sales conducted? On what days are the sales held? Sale dates for foreclosure sales are randomly selected and occur at noon. How much is required as a deposit on the day of the sale?

Will Forsyth County accept written or telephone bids? Only bids from auction attendees at the foreclosure sale will be accepted. What type of payment is accepted for the deposit? Cash, money orders or certified funds are accepted for deposits. Checks need to be made payable to Zacchaeus Legal Services. Does Forsyth County offer financing? Forsyth County does not offer financing. Will I be paid interest on my deposit if I am not the highest bidder?

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