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Medallists are also often confusingly referred to as "engravers" in reference works, referring to the "engraving" of dies, although this is often in fact not the technique used; however many also worked in engraving the technique in printmaking. Art medals have been produced since the late Renaissance period, and, after some classical precedents and Late Medieval revivals, the form was essentially invented by Pisanello , who is credited with the first portrait medal, which has remained a very popular type.

He cast them like bronze sculptures, rather than minting them like coins. An incomplete list, biased towards the 19th-century onwards; see also Category:Medallists. Note: Where an artist is best known by other than his first given name, the commonly used name is highlighted in boldface. The country has taken part in every subsequent edition of the Summer Paralympics, but has never participated in the Winter Paralympics. Cyprus did not win any medals until the Games in Athens, where swimmer Karolina Pelendritou became the first Cypriot Paralympic champion, in the women's m breaststroke SB13 category.

Other medals were won at the Games in Beijing: a gold, two silver and a bronze. Pelendritou went on to win her fourth and Cyprus' sixth Paralympic medal at Games in London with a silver medal in the m breaststroke SB12 category.

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The country has competed in every subsequent edition of the Summer Paralympics, except , but has never taken part in the Winter Paralympics. Dominican Republic delegations have never contained more than two competitors. His time of Fiji first competed at the Summer Paralympic Games in , sending a single athlete to compete in weightlifting, then missed out on two consecutive Games before returning in , with a larger delegation of eight competitors in swimming and athletics.

The country was then absent for four more consecutive Games, returning to the Paralympics in with two competitors in athletics. Fiji has participated in every subsequent edition of the Summer Games. It was won by Iliesa Delana, the country's flag bearer and sole representative.

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It was the first gold medal ever won by a Pacific Island athlete at the Paralympics or at the Olympics, and only the second ever Paralympic medal won by a Pacific Island athlete following Francis Kompaon's silver in sprinting for Papua New Guinea in Fiji has never taken part in the Winter Paralympic Games. Guatemala have been irregular participants in the Paralympic Games.

It was then absent in , and returned in , with a delegation of two swimmers and two weightlifters. It sent a single weightlifter to the Games, then was absent for sixteen years, before returning for the Paralympics, represented by two runners. Guatemala has never taken part in the Winter Paralympics. Guatemalans have, however, won two Paralympic medals.

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