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However, the functionality of these apps and the features they provide are not often as they claim. This makes it important to know what each app is capable of. Hence, without wasting any time, let us start with the top 5 location trackers starting from the best. Cocospy has been my best friend for years. To put Cocospy in simple words as the app itself is very simple , it is a phone monitoring service that you can use through any web browser. It gives you complete details about the target phone, including their location, messages, call logs, and so much more.

Sounds unbelievable? This is due to the highest level of technology used in the creation of Cocospy. Then I started using Cocospy and realized how wrong I was. It not only gave me the target phone location, but it even showed me all the past locations of the target device along with time stamps.

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Step 1. Sign up for Cocospy and get a subscription for your target phone- iOS or Android yes, it works on both! Step 2. Follow the setup wizard on the screen. It will guide you through the easy setup process.

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Step 3. If the target phone is iOS, there is no need for any app installation. You can spy on the target phone just by their iCloud credentials, without accessing the phone even once. If the target phone is Android, you will have to install the Cocospy app on the target phone. Step 4. Give the system a few minutes to sync the data of target phone on your Cocospy dashboard.

Shouldn't this take minutes?

Step 5. You will be taken to the Cocospy dashboard. See, as I told you beforehand, Cocospy is a very easy and one of the best tracking services I have seen. You should get started and track a cell phone via Cocospy now.

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Spyic is the only thing in the market that is capable of giving a close competition to Cocopsy. But if all you need is to know where the target user at any instant, you are going to love Spyic. It works like a ninja that is always keeping an eye on the person without their knowledge.

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