Where do i get a birth certificate for phoenix arizona

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Obtain a new Arizona (AZ) Birth Certificate

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Social Security and Birth Certificate Requirements | ACLU of Arizona

Most amendments and corrections require original documentation in addition to the completed form. Please call our office to find out what documents are required for the amendment or correction that needs to be made. The Acknowledgement of Paternity form may be used to establish paternity for a child under the age of Parents may choose to complete the Acknowledgment of Paternity at the hospital when the child is born or may do it later. If there are any errors, white-outs, changes, strikeouts or other alterations it will be rejected.

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Both parents must sign the Acknowledgment of Paternity form and both signatures must be notarized or witnessed. Do not forge the signature of either parent. Claims of forgery will be investigated.

How to Order Arizona Vital Records

This process can be done in person or by mail. Registrant self — The person named on the birth certificate. Parents — Your name must appear on the birth certificate. Note: You must be named as the parent on the birth certificate of your child.

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Adult Child — You must provide: A copy of your birth certificate which names the person as your parent or If you were born in Arizona, and a search can be done in the Arizona Birth database for your birth record to verify the record names the person as your parent. Adult Brother or Sister — You must provide: A copy of your birth certificate which shows at least one common parent shared by you and the person or If you were born in Arizona and a search can be done in the Arizona Birth database for your birth record in order to verify at least one common parent is shared by you and the person.

Follow this link to determine what county a city or town is in. Most often, copies of birth, marriage, death or divorce certificates are requested for a variety of reasons. If you are searching for Arizona vital records, here is some information you should know: Vital records are kept for those birth, marriage, death, or divorce events that occurred in Arizona. Arizona vital records are considered closed records.

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  8. This means that records are not made public; each is kept confidential and is only released to specific parties upon their request. However, once a certain time limit has passed 75 years for birth and 50 years for death certificates , the records become public records. Birth and death records are kept on file at the Office of Vital Records in Phoenix. Marriage and divorce records, however, are maintained at the county level under the Clerk of the Superior Court. How to Obtain Arizona Vital Records Birth records may be requested by the individual named on the certificate if over the age of 18 , the parents named on the certificate, a spouse, grandparents, an adult child, a legal guardian, foster parents, or attorneys or other personnel needing it for a legal matter.

    Order your Arizona (AZ) Birth Certificate Online

    Birth records may also be obtained to aid in genealogy research. Requesting parties may apply for the certificate in person, by mail or fax, or in the case of births after , they may request records from the county office. Identification and a fee will be requested.

    Death certificate requests are handled much in the same way, with spouses, immediate family members, and attorneys being the primary individuals that can be granted the certificate.

    Obtaining a Birth Certificate

    Deaths occurring after are kept on file at the county level, as well as the state level. Death certificates may also be requested online. Arizona Vital Records and Genealogy Research Arizona vital records are frequently requested by individuals conducting genealogy research on their ancestors. Birth, death, and marriage certificates provide crucial bits of knowledge in determining family connections because they contain detailed information, including full names, important dates, places events occurred, and sometimes even names of other family members and how they are related.