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A married couple may file for Dissolution of Marriage with Dependent or Minor Children if you and your spouse have a dependent or minor child ren together, or if either spouse is pregnant. At least one of the spouses must have lived in Florida for the past six months. The parties shall be responsible for the fees for the course. At least one of the spouses has lived in Florida for the past six months. According to chapter The prints are submitted to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement FDLE for a state criminal history records check and the federal bureau of investigation for a national criminal history records check.

The court uses the results to review the information filed by the petitioner and to evaluate whether to grant the petition. Any woman who is pregnant or has a child, any man who has reason to believe that he is the father of a child, or any child may bring proceedings in the circuit court to determine the paternity of the child when paternity has not been established by law or otherwise. The proceedings must be in the circuit court where the petitioner resides or the county where the respondent resides.

The court shall determine the issues of paternity and ability to support the child. The court may order an appropriate parenting plan and time-sharing schedule. Parties may be required to submit to scientific testing to show a probability of paternity see Florida Statute Proper identification is required when paying in person by credit card. Pursuant to F. If you qualify for civil indigence, the filing and summons fees are waived; other cost and fees may not be waived.

If you are determined not to be indigent, fees are due at the time of filing.

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We are not attorneys, nor are we licensed to practice law in the State of Florida. We cannot give legal advice or accept fees for legal advice. As Deputy Clerks of the Circuit Court, we may provide you with limited assistance regarding the procedural aspects of filing your case.

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  8. I am ready to file my case in the Domestic Relations Division, but need someone to witness or notarize my signature. Can you do this? Be sure to bring your I. I have an order from another state, but would like to have it recognized here in Florida for the purpose of enforcement. Florida authorities will only act on an order issued in Florida. Unless you are familiar with the procedure involved in having your order either registered or domesticated in Florida, it is in your best interest to contact an attorney, or, in child support cases, the Department of Revenue I would like a copy of my adoption case.

    Is this possible?

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    Adoptions and Dependencies are protected cases, and thus are not open for public inspection. If you are an adoptee, with proper identification, you may obtain a copy of your final judgment. With proper identification, your adoptive parents and attorney s of record may obtain copies of all documents filed in your adoption file.

    Biological parents must obtain a court order for access to adoption files. How do I go about setting a court hearing in my Domestic Relations case? Glossary of Terms Term Definition Answer A response to a question, a pleading, or a discovery request.

    Appeal A proceeding undertaken to have a decision reconsidered by a higher authority; esp. Asset An item that is owned and has value. The entries on a balance sheet showing the items of property owned, including cash, inventory, equipment, real estate, accounts receivable, and goodwill. Certificate of Service A section of a pleading or motion filed with the court, usually separately on the last page, in which the party filing the pleading or motion certifies to the court that a copy has been mailed to or otherwise served on all other parties.

    Certified Copy A duplicate of an original document, certified as an exact reproduction by the officer responsible for issuing or keeping the original. Certified Mail Mail for which the sender requests proof of delivery in the form of a receipt signed by the addressee. Child Support Guidelines The basis on which child support is awarded. Constructive Service Service accomplished by a method or circumstance that does not give actual notice. Contempt The act or state of despising; the condition of being despised or conduct that defies the authority or dignity of a court or legislature.

    Contested To deny an adverse claim or assert a defense to it in a court proceeding. Contingent Asset An asset that you may receive or get later, such as income, tax refund, accrued vacation or sick leave, a bonus, or an inheritance. Contingent Liability A liability that will occur only if a specific event happens; a liability that depends on the occurrence of a future and uncertain event.

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    Counter Petition A petition for relief asserted against an opposing party after an original petition has been made. Default A failure of a party to respond to the pleading of another party. This failure to respond may allow the court to decide the case without input from the party who did not appear or respond. Delinquent Failure to perform an obligation; past due of unperformed. Dependent Child ren Child ren who depend on their parent s for support either because they are under the age of 18, they have a mental or physical disability that prevents them from supporting themselves, or they are in high school while between the ages of 18 and 19 and are performing in good faith with reasonable expectation of graduation before the age of Dissolution of Marriage An action which terminates the marriage of the parties by the entry of a final judgment.

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    Enjoined To legally prohibit or restrain by injunction. Ex Parte On or from one party only without notice to or argument from the adverse party. Filing Fee An amount of money, set by law, that the petitioner must pay when filing a case. Final Hearing Trial in your case. Financial Affidavit A sworn statement that contains information regarding income, expenses, assets, and liabilities.

    Final Judgment A courts last action that settles the rights of the parties and disposes of all issues in controversy, except for the award of costs and enforcement of the judgment. Hearing A legal proceeding before a judge or designated officer general master or hearing officer on a motion. Liabilities Everything owed by you or your spouse, including mortgages, credit cards, or car loans. A liability may be marital or nonmarital, but that distinction is for the court to determine if you and your spouse do not agree.

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    Mandatory Disclosure Items that must be disclosed by both parties except those exempted from disclosure by Florida Family Law Rule For example, something you owned before your marriage may be non-marital. An asset may only be determined to be marital by agreement of the parties or determination of the judge. A debt may only be determined to be nonmarital by agreement of the parties or determination of the judge. Mediation A method of nonbinding dispute resolution involving a neutral third party who tries to help the disputing parties reach a mutually agreeable solution.

    Mediator A person who is trained and certified to assist parties in reaching an agreement before going to court. Contact Us Make An Appointment. Name Changes Name changes are one of those things that sit on your things to-do list for months or maybe even years because you simply just do not know how to get it done.

    I have heard from many clients that the process of getting a name change for their self or their child ren seems overwhelming and complex. The process takes place across a few different mediums beginning with a completed back ground check. Background Check In Florida, the name change process starts with checking your criminal history. In order to do this, you must have your fingerprints submitted for a state and national criminal records check. Your fingerprints will be taken by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and will be submitted electronically for testing.

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