National patient identification number and hl7

Patient ID. If National ID: [[Patient. National ID. Organisation Level ID. Team Level ID. Patient ID assigning authority e. National ID Type. Organisation Level ID Type. Team Level ID Type. HL7 Assigning Authority]].

2. Der Datentyp CX

Patient ID type code. If an NHS number status code is being provided, it must be appended without a space in the format given in the example. HL7 Type Code]].

HL7 Standards Available Across All Releases

As PID Each component is optional by default, but any that have been configured for soft matching must be provided. Family name. Family Name]]. Given name. Given Name]]. Middle names. Middle Names]]. Date of birth. Note that this timestamp will be accepted even if it contains time information. Date of Birth]]. Address Line 1. Address Line 1]].

Address Line 2. Address Line 2]].


Postal code. Postal Code]].

How a National Patient Identifier Can Jump-Start Interoperability and Cut Costs | Medsphere

Country code. Home contact information. Note that an email address cannot be added via HL7 to an existing medical record which does not already have an email address.

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  3. 1. Introduction?
  4. Der Datentyp CX und die KV-Karte.
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  6. 1. Zusammenfassung;

See here for more details. Contact value. If PID HL7 null is accepted as a value and precedence still applied. Contact use code.

Epic Hl7 Specs

Email address. Die sechste Komponente ist der "Assigning Facility" vorbehalten, d.

Die deutsche HL7-Benutzergruppe hat sich dieser Problematik angenommen und eine Umsetzung erarbeitet. Obige Karte in kodierter Form:. Mit der neuen Version 2. Das Institutskennzeichen der Krankenkasse wird in IN Zusammenfassung In die neue Hl7 Version 2.

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  3. IHE Profile - ITI 9 (PIX Query) - HL7 ENGINE.

Beschreibung DT Einsatz inV. It is printed on the insurance card health card. It is not to be confused with the health card number itself. Krankenkassennummer der KV-Karte. An identifier for a living subject whose real identity is protected or suppressedJustification: For public health reporting purposes, anonymous identifiers are occasionally used for protecting patient identity in reporting certain results. For instance, a state health department may choose to use a scheme for generating an anonymous identifier for reporting a patient that has had a positive human immunodeficiency virus antibody test.

Anonymous identifiers can be used in PID 3 by replacing the medical record number or other non-anonymous identifier.

Health Level 7

Class: Financial a more precise definition of an account number: sometimes two distinct account numbers must be transmitted in the same message, one as the creditor, the other as the debitor. Class: Financial Temporary version of an Account Number. Use Case: An ancillary system that does not normally assign account numbers is the first time to register a patient.

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  • This ancillary system will generate a temporary account number that will only be used until an official account number is assigned. Class: Financial An identifier that is unique to a person's bank card. An identifier for the insured of an insurance policy this insured always has a subscriber , usually assigned by the insurance carrier Use Case: Person is covered by an insurance policy.

    This person may or may not be the subscriber of the policy.